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driving value

Our approach is to partner with you over the long term, celebrating your successes and listening to your challenges. We are champions of the great business you have built. Along the way, we recommend only what is best for you, the company and its shareholders.  When the time is right, no one is better equipped to tell your story and deliver results.


In a sale process, your advisor's ability to articulate your story is one of the most important drivers of value. The "Art" of M&A involves planting the right hooks with key buyers and getting them more excited every step of the way.  We have a demonstrated track record of maximizing value by way of artful and impactful positioning of businesses.


We bring "Wall Street" level relationships to "Main Street". Given numerous prior transactions, we are top of mind with potential buyers and have developed personal relationships with hundreds of private equity firms, domestic strategics and foreign entities. Not only do we have direct access, but we also know how these groups behave during a deal.




Parcrest Advisors is a rapidly growing investment bank focused on providing best-in-class strategic and M&A advisory services. Business owners and management teams choose to partner with Parcrest given its deep industry expertise and commitment to excellence. The firm provides a full breadth of services while avoiding the many pitfalls of hiring a larger Wall Street investment bank.


We have far fewer conflicts. While important, we do not place our private equity or large corporate relationships ahead of the needs of our clients. We do not offer other investment services that might present a conflict of interest with your objectives. Driving value for our clients is our number one priority.

We are entrepreneurs. We are cut from the same cloth. We believe in building businesses and creating value and seek to partner with like-minded individuals. When we say we believe in a long-term partnership, we mean it. We are not in this simply to collect a fee.

We do not charge exorbitant fees. We believe we should be paid commensurate with the value we provide. In fact, we will often invest years to build personal relationships and to truly learn your story before we even ask for a fee. When the time comes, it will simply be an exercise of aligning our interests and not a drawn out negotiation.

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Parcrest Advisors
125 Park Avenue, 25th Floor
New York, New York 10017

+1 (212) 520-1717

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